sábado, 3 de junho de 2017

Musical disappointment

Jay Parmer advice about musical dissapointment

Hey Joao, you're most welcome and thats a really good point that you have made - which I will be talking about in the next Inspiration video that I do. Like I said in the video - first and foremost I do all of my video, playing and work for myself as it makes me personally feel great doing what i do. So my outcome if always 'does it feel good to me?' - and if others wish to share in that then thats ok with me too, but I am not attached to that outcome or result my friend. And this is a key point (again something I will speak about in the next video - in fact I have many many videos planned :)) - having a preconceived idea of what the result of what we are doing can lead to suffering if the result we see in the outside world if different, i.e. feeling disappointed, feels like we're going nowhere. And it is the attachment to wanting it to result in something that often can cause this. I'll tell you a little story about myself - this is my 4th year doing Lynch Lycks - for the first two years I wanted people to like it and I chased after it and expected many views and adoration and business opportunities, etc. And that didn't come.... and I felt as you did, 'what's the point'. Then around the beginning of last year I decided that I was going to do my channel for myself and just because I enjoyed it - no expectation about more people watching, doors opening, etc. It just felt good so I figured it would be good for advertising my guitar lessons. So I became happy every time I recorded a video because I was doing it because it felt GREAT! :) And you know what the result was? Well, my channel began to grow, more views, more people connecting with me, doors opening :) Everything has grown so so much - my channel subs are almost 4 times more then they were at the beginning of 2016, much more views (it has gone from a few thousand to hear 30,000 views per month), I am constantly asked about guitar lessons, many doors are opening and opportunities are presenting themselves. And all from just letting go and enjoying what I was doing :) Thats the honest truth my friend. Hey, we've spoken about this previously - you're a great guitar player. You feel it every time you play right? I think you play beautifully and the most important thing is that you like what you are doing. What others think is inconsequential - thats their journey to make :) Hope that helps a little my friend - I will talk more about it in my next video - have an wonderful day buddy and make some great music!!!! :)

I hear you my friend - patience and belief will help to make this happen. And it will happen, but first you have to believe that it will - focusing on the disappointment will only bring more disappointment, trust me been there done that! Have so many T-Shirts!!!!! 😃 Like I said, when I changed my mindset and just accepted where I was an what I had, everything started to change - I have been a professional musician for a little over 10 years now and there have been so many challenges - financial, personal, everything. But I made it... I'm doing it and loving it. Remember that phrase 'when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change' I bet you leant a whole lot recording the albums right? I bet you felt so great when they were done and you listened back and you have wonderful memories. These are equally as valuable as making the business side work so celebrate them my friend so that more of those moments come your way - the Universe can't help but send you more of that if you feel it. Making money, that was a whole different challenge for me and I am just getting to grips with it now! 10 years later 😃 Stay positive buddy and believe that it can and will happen. Have an inspired day 🙏