terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Kramer Classic vs Special

How's that Classic compare to the Special? Better or worse?

Well, the only thing left original on the Classic is the neck, body and tuners…
They don't really compare, the old one sounds better, but the Classic is
decen't after all the upgrades.
I also much prefer the Special's neck, the Classic have more s
houlders, more "D" shaped, while the Special have a rounder "C" shape.
Also the Classic have a 43mm nut width, the Special is more like 41mm, it's neck is pretty similar to the old EBMM EVH neck really.
 I love the look of the Classic, but I can't get an honest review of if it's a bad guitar (Squire anything), okay guitar (think MIM Strat), a good guitar (Focus 6k / etc), or a great guitar (Gibson Les Paul, Charvel Model 6, etc). Everyone heaps praise upon it, but they say it's "good". Is it "good" or "good for $200"
 I wouldn't call it great, it came with crappy pots and wiring, questionable pickups and some soft-metal floyd, but after throwing lots of money at it it became a nice player. I would put it in the "okay" category.

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